Services Provided

Next-generation Sequencing (NGS) - NovaSeq 6000 Illumina and MiSeq sequencing platforms.

Two primary sequencing platforms are available to meet various needs. The core team performs library preparations for optimal cluster generation and maximal data output across flow cells to cover a wide range of sequencing needs including targeted sequencing, RNA-seq, 16S metagenomics, methylation and whole genome sequencing. Alternatively, researchers can submit user prepared libraries for quality control and sequencing.

NovSeq 6000
Flow Cell Type SP S1 S2 S4
Reads 650-800 M 1.3 - 1.6 B 3.3 - 4.1 B 8 - 10 B
Cycle Lengths 100, 300, 500 100, 200, 300 100, 200, 300 200, 300


Flow Cell Type Nano Micro V2 V3
Reads 1 M 4 M 15 M 25 M
Cycle Lengths 300, 500 300 36, 50, 300, 500 100, 600

Methylation microarray services (human samples) - The MethylationEPIC BeadChip is ideal for human epigenome wide association studies (EWAS). Each chip interrogates over 850,000 methylation sites providing comprehensive single-nucleotide resolution of 99% of RefSeq genes, 95% of CpG islands and a high coverage of enhancer regions.

Single cell sequencing - 10x Genomics Chromium System employing Next GEM Reagents and Chips

SNP genotype analysis - pre-designed and custom TaqMan® SNP Genotyping Assays are run on the Quantstudio 12K Flex platform

TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays - real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) gene expression analysis are run on the Quantstudio 12K Flex platform